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Essential oils can be valuable tools for every gardener. Whether you are trying to chase away garden pests, improve health and growth of the plants, or restore those gardener hands, essential oils can help. Here are some easy ways you can use essential oils to enhance your natural gardening experience.
Clean the Greenhouse
Clean the greenhouse and garden tools with a mixture of 10 drops of Melaleuca in about 33 ounces of distilled water. Put in a spray bottle and clean every inch of the greenhouse.
Essential Oils and Plant Companionship
I have been using essential oils in my garden since I have been with doTERRA®. Do not under estimate the wonderful uses and benefits of doTERRA essential oils in the garden—not only for pest management, but also for plant vigor and growth. I don’t use any chemicals in my garden at all and love sharing new and safe ways to enjoy gardening! I am learning how to use other plants as companions for the plants already in the garden to limit the use of essential oils – the results are amazing! For example, basil is a great companion plant for tomatoes. Use Basil essential oil in a watering can to give the plants a dose that can be absorbed through the root system, or use it as a foliar spray. This helps to give the tomato plant great vigor for growth and plant resistance. -Kay Pittman
Ants No More
Ants are a major pest. They seem to colonize everywhere and especially near sweet fruits and veggies. Dowse the suckers in a solution of water and Peppermint. The next day, the ants will be completely gone! Amazing how fast it works. Plus, even if you go a little overboard (a few sprays would have worked), Peppermint is safe for veggies, fruit and you & me. -Elizabeth Sperling.
Slug Away
Getting rid of slugs use White Fir essential oil on peppers. Used Peppermint oil for aphids and mystery bugs. Peppermint also works great for cooling your body off in the hot sun. Make an after-sun spray with Lavender, Peppermint, and aloe juice. After a long day of working in the garden, Deep Blue® Rub comes in handy for the joints and muscles. Clean your hands with essential oil sugar scrub – Jamie Stitt
Bug Attack
If your garden is being attacked by a beetle-like bug, eating away at everything, use a couple drops of TerraShield® in a spray bottle with water, spray the plants, and the beetles will move on! – Kristen Willis
Essential Oils for Garden Pests:
• TerraShield, Peppermint, Cinnamon Bark, White Fir, Thyme, Geranium
• Cedarwood, Lemongrass, Arborvitae
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