Essential Oils and Weight Management.

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Chapt 1: The importance of weight management.

There are countless factors that contribute to a healthy body. As humans, we must manage things like nutrition, sleep and rest, stressors on the body and mind, toxins, and more in order to maintain optimal health……..

– Carrying extra weight….

– Weight management: the basics….

– Obstacles to healthy weight management…….

– Preparing to feel good now and in the future……

Chapt 2. How can essential oils help with weight management?

– Common goals…..





Essential oils that are useful for weight management.

As you start on your weight loss journey, you will want to choose essential oils that can be useful for

digestion, metabolism, motivation, exercise, and other areas. So, which oils are the best?………Grapefruit, Lime, Thyme, Digestzen, Slim ‘n Sassy.

Now that we’ve mentioned a few of the best essential oils for weight management, let’s learn a little bit more

about how to use them during your everyday life to help you reach your goals.

Chapt 3. Usage ideas

How can essential oils be used as part of a weight

management program?

– Everyday use – morning, afternoon, evening, nighttime.

Once you understand the properties and benefits that essential oils have to offer, you are ready to incorporate

them into your weight management program.

Cooking: – Using essential oils for cooking not only allows you to infuse potent, delicious flavors into your food and drinks, but it will also allow you to enjoy the internal benefits that essential oils have to offer. By adding essential oils that have been approved for internal use to your food, you can experience the benefits they hold for weight management in a simple and tasty way.

Daily exercise: No matter what type of exercise program you prefer, essential oils can be used to make your workout more successful and more enjoyable.

Chapt 4. Maintaining healthy weight management habits over time.

It is extremely rewarding when you begin to see the results that come from dedicated weight management efforts.



Elements of a healthy diet – Carbohydrates, Protein, Healthy fats, Water,


– DON’T FORGET TO REST AND MANAGE STRESS LEVELS – Rest and sleep, Managing stress.

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