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The sun is shining again, which means it’s time to tend to your beloved plants! While we prepare our gardens for a bright and sunny season, nothing quite dampens the spirit of things like unwelcome pests and fungal blight. From aphids to mold, essential oils can help bolster the health of your spring garden. Below are some of our favorite methods to keep gardens happy.
Neem Oil
One of the strongest champions for your garden is Neem carrier oil.Acting as a potent insecticide, Neem can repel and manage the presence of over 200 species of garden-destroying bug species, including aphids, mites, snails, moths and gnats. It also acts as an antifungal that supports soil while remaining friendly to birds, bees, ladybugs and other wildlife (as long as they are not sprayed directly).
To spray your plants using Neem, add about 1.5 tablespoons of the carrier oil with ½ a teaspoon of castile soap to a gallon of water. Be careful not to spray directly onto friendly bugs, and avoid spraying your plants in direct sunlight or hot weather. Be sure to coat the leaves on the top and undersides, and even spray a little bit on to the soil.
Essential Oils
Our favorite essential oils for gardening keep pests away while simultaneously supporting the health of your precious plants, indoor and out. Basil, Lavender,Helichrysum andHyssop can all attract welcome guests like bees and butterflies while driving away mosquitoes and opportunistic flies.
Here a few other essential oils and their areas of expertise:
Tea Tree: fights mold and fungus Peppermint: repels ants, aphids, beetles, moths and spiders Basil: repels flies and supports vegetable plant health Lavender: attracts pollinators; repels mosquitoes, chiggers and ticks Cedarwood: repels roaches, slugs and snails
Tips & Tricks
Making a beneficial spray is as easy as adding 10 drops of essential oil to a gallon of water with a couple drops of castile soap. If a spray bottle is preferred, you can also add 2-3 drops of EO for every cup of water used, plus a drop of castile soap. Mix the essential oil combination of your choice into Epsom salt and add a layer around your garden. The plants will thank you for the magnesium boost as well. We recommend spraying your plants for preventative purposes every 1-2 weeks, and every 3 days for a week or two to combat a specific pest issue. Similar to Neem oil, we recommend that you spray your plants when the sun is setting and the weather is not too hot. You may want to spot check your spray on one particular leaf to ensure it does not have a negative reaction. Research, research, research! There are tons of tried-and-true recommendations all over the internet. Find what works for your particular garden. Our team is growing bigger. Join us here – – for a great business experience. I invite you to send us a message –
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