Essential Oils Restorative Supplements-Part 2 from Feb 21st 2020 – Dr. Kevin and Ashley

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Essential oils have an important role within the home of anyone seeking to carry out a holistic, healthy lifestyle.  Dr. Kevin and Ashley have utilized these valuable tools for over ten years to reduce the toxic load within their home and body care products, balance emotions, and support the body therapeutically in various ways.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, flowers, rind, bark, and leaves of plants, which are extracted and distilled for health benefits.  These extracts and distillations are powerful chemical compounds.  In fact, they are 50-70 times more powerful than the herbs themselves.  For example, each drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 cups of peppermint tea.  Because essential oils are incredibly powerful, one dose is equivalent to one drop of oil.

How do essential oils work?

At Restorative, we believe true health is achieved at the cellular level.  We work closely with patients to bring restoration to their bodies by addressing the health of cells within their bodies.  This is why we love utilizing essential oils in our patients’ healing protocols-because they work at the cellular level.  Each essential oil contains a certain set of aromatic compounds that provide the body with versatile and complex actions against threats.  These oils are able to directly interact with and protect the cell.  Toxicity and threats reside on both the inside and outside of our cells.  Essential oils are able to work on the outside as well as the inside of the cells because their lipophilic (fat loving) nature allows them to enter the cell membrane.  Additionally, because essential oils have a very light molecular weight, they are quickly and easily assimilated by the body and begin working within seconds to minutes of their application.

How do you use essential oils?

Essential oils can be used and applied in three different ways- aromatically, topically, and internally.  First, when used aromatically, essential oils can be diffused or simply inhaled from the smelling the bottle.  When inhaled, the oils immediately hit the olfactory bulb which directly impacts the limbic system.  The limbic system is found within the brain and has a myriad of complex influences on body functions such as controlling blood pressure, heart rate, hunger and thirst, memory, and emotions.

Essential oils are also very useful when applied topically.  When applying oils topically, take care to avoid sensitive areas such as eyes and ears, or mucus membranes.  Oils can be applied topically in a variety of ways such as incorporating them in a hot bath, distributing on the bottoms of the feet, applying them to pulse (or perfume) points, or where one may be having an issue such as a rash.  Oftentimes diluting essential oils in a carrier oil, such as fractionated coconut oil, is beneficial to help disperse essential oil to a portion of the body or avoiding skin irritation from the oil.

Essential oils, if they are of impeccable quality, can be consumed internally.  This must be done with the utmost wisdom and discretion.  Essential oils are natural, but they are powerful chemical compounds that could cause harm to the body if used incorrectly.  As a consumer of essential oils, it is your responsibility to become educated on using essential oils safely and effectively.  At our clinic we are passionate about providing rich educational classes on essential oils as well as pointing you to trusted resources to provide education on safely using essential oils internally.

Why doTERRA?

Co Impact Sourcing

doTERRA is committed to sourcing the best essential oils in the world by purchasing them straight from the grower.  This is important for a variety of reasons, including a more pure and potent end product, not being financially tied to a poor crop, and supporting the global economy.

To read more about doTERRA’s co impact sourcing initiative, click here:


Each and every batch of doTERRA essential oils goes through a rigorous, 7-part testing procedure to ensure absolute quality.  This is done by the most advanced third party testers in the world. doTERRA essential oils are consistently found to far surpass USDA organic standards.  The difference in excellence can be experienced with your first smell of doTERRA essential oils. (

Source to You

Each batch of doTERRA essential oils can be traced back to their source on the Source to You website (,  On this site you can also find all of the third party testing information for that particular batch of oils which includes the Chromatogram showing the percentages of the chemical constituents within your specific bottle of essential oil.  This attention to quality control and transparency is unmatched among other essential oil manufacturers.

Humanitarian Micro-Lending

doTERRA is also a humanitarian minded company that has the heart to help and serve those who are hurting around the globe.  We cherish this aspect of doTERRA!  (

Current Research Affiliates

doTERRA is currently working closely with prestigious universties and hospital systems such as Vanderbilt Hospital, Grand Junction General Hospital, Oklahoma State University, University of Utah, Huntsman Cancer Institute, Duke University Medical Center, and many more prestigious institutions nationally and internationally.

Over the course of our ten year use of essential oils, doTERRA essential oils are without a doubt the best quality we’ve utilized and have yielded the most benefit in our family’s health.  If you are interested in obtaining a wholesale account (think Costco membership) contact me in


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