Using oils aromatically in the garden – By Judith from Oil Pixie

When using oils in the garden, you’ll find there are many different ways to do so. Using the oils AROMATICALLY in the garden is most effective on airborne pests, and potentially many others as well. Like humans, plants breathe in oxygen and can soak in the benefits of Essential Oils just by having them in the air around them.

You can improve both the abundance and the taste/nutrition of the plants you grow by incorporating Essential Oils into your gardening. They are simple, safe, and very effective. Recent studies show that using Jasmine with plants reduced stress noticeably when compared to gardens that did not use Jasmine. You can also use the calming blend, uplifting blend, or lavender.
Aromatic methods for use in the garden

SPRAYS: Just add a few drops of essential oil (as noted through this post) to water in a spray bottle. How much? All you need is two to four drops for every 8 ounces of water. Adding a few drops of natural liquid soap (e.g., castile soap) will help make sure the spray uniformly covers both leaves and insects. Directions: Spray directly onto fruits, vegetables, flowers, the undersides of leaves (preferable), etc.

STRINGS: Soak an ordinary string in a mix of water and Essential Oils (we’ll talk about oils for various purposes throughout this post). To discourage flying insects, hang the string in the garden.

CLOTH STRIPS: Put one drop of Essential Oil on strips of fabric. Hang these throughout the garden, adding more drops as needed.

COTTON BALLS: Add Essential Oil to cotton balls to deal with burrowing animals or pests. Place the cotton balls on top of nests, burrows, etc.

Contact me for a recipe I use – & other recipes that really do work.

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